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Spanish language courses in the USA

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Popular Spanish language courses in the USA

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Spanish language courses in the USA

The United States is considered a country with unlimited possibilities. And there are reasons for this. The North American state is the third largest state and consists of 50 states. It is also one of the most densely populated states with a population of over 300 million people. But not only these facts make the US a special state. Cultural heritage, age-old traditions, the beautiful nature of this country attract more and more people from all over the world. That is why many seek to visit the language of the school in the United States.

Language courses in the United States are suitable for everyone, because America offers as many opportunities to learn a language as there isn't in another country. You can travel to the large and famous metropolitan areas or even the wild west, the Hawaiian Islands or the Caribbean Florida. Language schools in the US offer a lot to diversify and make learning any foreign language personal success.

Spanish courses in the USA are a popular destination among international students who want to learn Spanish due to the following factors. Firstly, in the USA there is a wide range of language programs for students of different ages. Secondly, it is possible to master the most common version of Spanish with its native speakers at the American language schools. Thirdly, the low cost of Spanish courses in the United States; and also the opportunity to stay outside the city, to change a student visa to a work visa. Another advantage is the combination of language learning courses in the United States with various types of recreation. So, in the capital Washington, there are numerous buildings and monuments of history, economics and political significance. Those who like to make great shopping tours, will feel comfortable in New York. New York, by the way, is the largest city in the country. For people who love nature and active recreation, on the border with Canada there is the famous Niagara Falls.

Incredibly huge waterfalls are a great sight. In the west of the country is the state of California, which knows how to charm a person with its diversity. On the one hand, it is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, on the other hand, there are beautiful mountain areas, for example, in the north of the state are located the southern spurs of the Cascade Mountains, chains of mountain ranges. Wherever you go to the United States, it will certainly never be boring.


You can learn Spanish in the USA from the age of 16, with any level of the language knowledge. Training can take place individually or in groups. Training can start on any Monday throughout the year.
The duration of the course can vary from a week to a year. You can choose courses of varying intensity from 1 hour to 26 hours a week. Some courses involve the combination of study with recreation, sports or any other occupation of interest.
Individual Spanish classes are offered to study the basic aspects of the language and develop basic skills for effective communication, work and everyday situations.

In the learning process, an individual approach is applied, which allows to take into account the characteristics and abilities of every student.
In the US, there is also a specialized Spanish language course for medical professionals. This course can be studied both separately and in combination with group classes. The training program is aimed at studying general Spanish in combination with medical vocabulary, terminology and the study of the health sector for health workers and those who wish to work in the medical field.
You can also choose a semi-intensive Spanish course. This course focuses on students' conversational skills and is suitable for those who want to significantly improve their conversational Spanish for 9 weeks.

Everyone will find a program that meets their goals. Practice is common for all courses. You are expected to work with pronunciation, vocabulary, development of communication skills, overcoming the language barrier.
Upon completion of the course, students receive a letter of recommendation, as well as certificates confirming the level of proficiency in the language.


We work with 7 Spanish language schools in the USA:

- Inlingua Fort Lauderdale, located in the heart of Miami, in the heart of the picturesque district of Broward;
- Inlingua Boca Raton, located to the north of the city of Fort Lauderdale, in the coastal town of Boca Raton;
- Inlingua Aventura located in the town of Aventura;
- Cultural Center for Language Studies (CCLS) Miami.
Everyone will be able to find a suitable language school for different
criteria that can be quite individual.

With the participation of professional teachers, students develop conversational skills as quickly as possible. The training is aimed at involving every student in the learning and communication process. Schools are technically equipped with everything necessary for learning a foreign language using multimedia methods.

Most schools for learning Spanish are located in Miami, a city in the southeastern United States, which is one of the largest American resorts. The permanent residents of Miami are Hispanic by descent.


Language schools organize accommodation for every taste: in a school residence with other students from different countries, in apartments or hostels, or in a host family, where you can communicate with family members in a foreign language in natural conditions. The cost of living in a family of 464 bel. rub. per week. In the family, students have a huge advantage - more communication with native speakers outside the classroom. This is an excellent option for combining the traditional study of a foreign language and complete immersion in the life and language culture of America. It is customary in the family to observe certain established rules (for example, to keep clean and tidy, etc.). Accommodation in a residence, apartment or hostel is more suitable for independent students who prefer to plan their time themselves.


In order to enter the US, you need to issue a short-term or a long-term student visa. We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a visa application form for the United States.
We provide comprehensive support to our students, ranging from the selection of the training program and the execution of the necessary documents to the accommodation and transfer. Our consultants are always ready to help and explain all unclear points.
Choose your ideal place to learn Spanish in the USA quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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