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Spanish courses abroad

Spanish courses abroad are a great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and brak through the language barrier. Pick a suitable programme and book it right now.

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Spanish courses abroad


Spanish courses abroad

Spanish is the language of great and world-famous artists: Picasso and Salvador Dali, Lope de Vega, Miguel Cervantes. Spanish courses are becoming more and more popular and interesting to learn.

The Spanish language is the basis for comprehending the rich history and culture not only of Spain itself, but also in significant Latin American countries, in which the Spanish language is also recognized as the state language. The Spanish language has a rich heritage and a long history of evolution, which over the centuries has evolved into many variations of the Spanish language that exist today throughout the world. Hispanic countries beckon with their extraordinary and versatile culture, which can be described as a real carnival: incendiary rhythms of tango, football, and close relationships between ethnic groups of beliefs and traditions. Spanish is the language of romance and entertainment, associated with the sun, the beach and palm trees.

Some statistics: why do you need to learn Spanish?

Spanish is in the top three of the most popular languages in the world.

Spanish is the national language in 21 countries of the world.

Hispanic Latin American countries are now experiencing impressive economic growth and are becoming confident commercial partners around the world.

Scientists suggest that by 2050, 132 million people in the United States will communicate in Spanish, which means more than in Mexico. Along with this, even now many workers who know Spanish can count on significantly higher wages, because a good command of Spanish along with English makes it possible to deal with the largest projects in Latin America. Also, communication with Spanish-speaking business partners in their native language will allow you to get profitable contracts and establish a profitable and productive environment for doing business.

If you are a passionate fan of football, then the best option would be to spend your summer holidays in one of the summer sports camps organized by the best clubs.

Spanish is reasonably worth learning. Once started, you will not be able to abandon it. And to learn Spanish abroad will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Spanish countries.


Spanish schools are often within walking distance with the most luxurious, captivating beaches and all the main tourist sites. For example, the Cultural Center for Language Studies (CCLS) in Miami, USA. Spanish in this school is taught in various degrees of intensity and level of training. After completing the course, students receive a Certificate of Achievement, certifying a new level of language proficiency.

Another option from the school Inlingua Boca Raton in Miami, USA. In this school, you can put together an impeccable curriculum for any level and duration of study. The school is technically equipped with everything you need to learn Spanish through multimedia methods.

Spain is one of the most popular countries to learn Spanish. One of the most popular schools is Enforex in Madrid. The school is located near the center, full of students, landmark monuments and pleasant restaurants. Schooling is the surest way to make friends and practice a language.

Accommodation and comfort


Before the Europeans, these warm lands were inhabited by Indians. The first representatives of the Old World, who arrived here, were the Spaniards. Later, thanks to the location of the state and the climate, representatives of other countries and peoples came here, creating corners of their own culture in the city.

If you do not like to sit still, you like the culture of hot countries, the bright life, then this place for learning will be ideal for you. You can try such entertainment as surfing, boating, swimming, walking. For admirers of architecture, there are historical districts and authentic churches. For romantics - beautiful beaches and platforms for enjoying sunsets. For lovers of art - museums and attractions related to world heritage.


Spain is one of the most attractive and colorful countries in Europe. Tourists are seduced not only by the multitude of historical monuments, but also by the attractive charm of the island, the best beaches near the Mediterranean Sea, marked with the blue flag and the snow-capped Pyrenean mountains. Spain is the southern and hottest European country; it is a Mediterranean country with a completely characteristic climate for this region. In Spain there is a warm winter and a very hot summer, and on popular resorts around the world, such as the Canary Islands, the air temperature is rarely below + 15 ° C.

Each region of Spain is unique, in every city and village there is a unique environment that can be sensed even in the smell. The most obvious, especially for foreign guests, is the organization of the day and meal planning. Lunch, which is the main meal of the day, is eaten between 14:00 and 15:00. Traditionally, it was followed by a dream - the famous siesta, but since most people take the road between home and work to take a long time, this custom loses its strength. However, during the siesta, the enterprises are closed, the streets are not very busy. At this time, the main daily television news is broadcast as well as some of the most popular programs. The working day resumes in the afternoon, from 16:30 to 17:00, and lasts until 20:00. Dinner, light meals, are also taken late, from 21:00 to 22:00 or even later in the hot summer months.

Madrid is the capital of Spain, located in the heart of the country and is the highest mountain in Europe.

For Spaniards every day is holiday - it is their habit in life. In the conduct of holidays and celebrations, the Spaniards have no equal. Each event has its own memorable charm, it is not surprising that Spanish Fiestas are known far beyond the Iberian Peninsula.


The Visa department of BookYourStudy will help you to prepare documents for a visa, hold a free consultation, and professionally and quickly prepare your documents for a visa. By contacting our agency, you will save time and keep your nerves calm before traveling abroad.

For citizens of non-EU residents who plan to study in Spain for more than 90 days, a national student visa is issued, which in six months is transformed into a residence permit. Student visa to Spain is issued on the basis of an invitation from the university, confirmation of funding, as well as a full package of documents required for processing this type of visa.

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