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Italian language courses in Milan

Italian language courses in Milan are a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience.

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Popular Italian language courses in Milan

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Italian language courses in Milan

Italy is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations. The Mediterranean Sea, the sun, the Colosseum, pasta and pizza -  most people associate Italy with that.

However, do not forget about the historical and cultural heritage of this country. In addition to the beautiful nature, Italy is a place for the collapse of a powerful ancient civilization. Majestic ruins, elegant architectural monuments, dark medieval castles, and, of course, famous galleries and museums - and this is not the whole list of reasons to go to Italy.

Milan stands out among the tourist cities in Italy. Over the past year, about 7 million tourists visited it, which is even more than the attendance of Rome! Milan is famous not only in the field of fashion and design, it is also an international economic and cultural center, a kind of the business capital. Milan is a university city with high-level teaching, advanced research in the field of technology, humanities. In Milan, a large number of foreign students obtain education (about 20,000 every year), who make their own contribution to the transformation of the city and its development.

Why is learning Italian in Milan the right decision?

Why is Milan so popular for learning? It's simple: firstly, it is one of the world's capitals of fashion, here are the headquarters of famous brands, as well as leading schools in the field of fashion and design. Secondly, the city is economically developed, here are the best business schools. Thirdly, it is a city of high architecture and ancient culture, universities are located in the most beautiful places of the city. Universities are situated in the picturesque places of the city.
For example, the Milan State University is located in the beautiful building of Ka Granda - one of the first buildings of the Renaissance. In addition, there are excellent means of communication in Milan, it is easy to get to other cities from it, and many students do this: on weekends they travel to Naples, Rome, Venice or Florence.


A study trip to Italy is a great opportunity to learn the language in which Petrarch, Boccaccio and Dante were written. Italian courses are suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of proficiency. Italian schools offer a large selection of courses where everyone will find what they like.

Italian language courses at Linguadue School in Milan (it's one of the Italian language schools of the Linguaviva group) are chosen by students who not only want to acquire language skills quickly and effectively, but also to plunge into Italian culture and rich life in Milan. Every year, students from over 50 countries from all over the world attend Linguadue School courses.
The school offers courses in different directions: it can be a general annual course of Italian, or an intensive course where you can learn all the basic knowledge of the language in a short time. The school also provides individual lessons, university preparation courses or CILS exam preparation. And if you are a fan of fashion and design, then the school has something to surprise you: Italian language courses + Fashion and interior design.

In Milan, there is also a branch of the World Organization International House. The International House school network includes 159 private and independent schools located in 52 countries of the world. The International House (IH) Milan is located on the fifth floor of the famous building Torre Velasca, one of the brightest symbols of Milan. The tower was built at the end of the 50s and recently received the status of historical and architectural value.
The school offers a wide range of courses: general, intensive Italian course, evening Italian courses, courses for pensioners, and also as the cherry on top Italian in the field of fashion and design.


Both schools provide students with homestay accommodation. Homestay is an unforgettable experience and impressions, because it is the best way to learn the traditions and habits of the people, to enrich your vocabulary, and, most likely, to make many new friends.

More independent students and adults can choose their own accommodation.
Prices for apartments depend on the location: a studio apartment in the center (per month) will cost about $ 800, not in the center - $ 560. Rent a separate room in the center will cost $ 580, not in the center - $ 340. As for rest and food, then in a month it will have to spend about 350 $.


A short-term study visa or a national student visa is best for studying. The Visa Department of the “BookYourStudy” agency will help you arrange the documents for the visa, hold a free consultation, fill in all the necessary documents professionally and quickly.
Choose your ideal place to learn Italian in Italy quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!



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