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French language courses in Paris

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French language courses in Paris

Arc de Triomphe, croissants, wine, the Louvre ... What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words? Of course, France! The country of great revolutions, solemn architecture and sophisticated cuisine. With an area of ​​547,000 square kilometers, France is the largest country in the EU; its population of 66 million people is inferior to the population of Germany. France remains the most popular tourist destination in the world, with about 82 million visitors annually.

Among the tourist cities of France, the undisputed leader is Paris. The Eiffel Tower is probably the first place you want, and really should visit. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view from the upper floors, from where you can see most of the other famous locations. The Champs Elysees is a world-famous alley, and one of the most expensive houses in the world is the Louvre, which houses more than 7,500 works of art. Notre Dame Cathedral; Opera Square, a public square that was part of the Ottoman rebuilding of the city under Napoleon III; Place Vendome dedicated to one of the victories in the battle of Napoleon I; Triumphal Arch; Saint-Germain-des-pres is a church located in the sixth arrondissement of Paris and was once the center of the existentialist movement; Montmartre district; and the famous Latin Quarter, where among many others is the University of Sorbonne. Like the Louvre, Paris is a city through which you can walk in one day, despite its relatively small size. It is difficult to fully understand the city in its entirety, but, having visited some of the most famous monuments and sights of the city, you most likely will have a lot of memories. Paris boasts the dynamism, diversity and dynamics of a big city, but you still feel comfortable there, like in a small town.


Education in France for many years is in demand and popular with foreigners: France has been competing with Germany for more than a year for the title of the most popular destination in Europe. Ancient world-renowned universities, prestigious schools and engineering colleges - all this incredibly attracts foreign students. In addition, education in France has many advantages relative to its European neighbors. Why is France worthy of first place? Firstly, education at a state university is almost free, whether you need to pay an administrative fee of about 300 euros. Secondly, learning is based on freedom of choice: the student has the right to choose subjects himself, create his own study plan, speak where he wants, and express his thoughts. Thirdly, it is, of course, prospects. With a French diploma, you can simply get a job in the European Union, because they are very much appreciated there.


Experience in France will give you an advantage in building an international career and give your resume a competitive advantage. Studying in another country can add value to your education, as it demonstrates to potential employers that you have gone out of your comfort zone and are able to adapt to new conditions and cultures. BookYourStudy helps you achieve your goals! Start your studies at one of the prestigious schools in Paris!

ACCORD French School (Grands Boulevards) is located in the heart of Paris on the Grand Boulevard, just a few minutes walk from the Louvre and the Georges Pompidou Center. ACCORD School has earned its reputation due to the development of a modern and dynamic method based on communication and immersion in French culture. The level of knowledge of French does not matter: there are programmes for both beginners and those who already know French. Moreover, courses can be chosen from a long and varied list of programs - from general French courses to specialized courses, for example, for managers. The educational center also offers individual training with a teacher.

The language school LSI in Paris was founded in 1974. LSI School is located in the historical center of the city, near the Pompidou Center and not far from Notre-Dame de Paris. Studying French in Paris, you can plunge into the atmosphere of this beautiful European city without interrupting your studies. A computer classroom, a common room, and daily newspapers and magazines are provided for students of Language Studies International (LSI) Paris. The school offers a variety of programs for learning French, including courses for preparing for the DELF and TEF exams.

School Sprachcaffe Paris is located in the center of Paris. In walking distance from it are the famous architectural monuments, museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, cafes and much more. You will learn French under the guidance of highly qualified teachers - native speakers, and discover one of the most amazing cities in Europe. In your free time, you can learn new words with other students on the banks of the Seine, go on a boat trip or just enjoy the amazing architecture of Paris. A language course in Paris is the easiest way to quickly improve your French. The Sprachcaffe School in Paris offers you French courses in a natural, relaxed environment, immersed in which you can quickly and accurately improve your language skills.

The summer school of French language ACCORD (Saint Nicolas) was founded in 1988. It opens its doors in the summer: from the beginning of July to the end of August. The school is located in the building of the summer residence of Saint Nicolas, in which students can live during their studies. The school offers writing and grammar courses, intensive and semi-intensive courses, as well as individual French courses.


Schools provide homestay or residence accommodation. On average, it will cost 500 euros for a residence and 300 euros for a homestay. The student can also choose to live in a rented apartment. It will cost him about the same price as living in a residence, however, you need to be careful when choosing a home and taking into account the area.


As well as for any country of the Schengen agreement, for Belarus to enter France, it is necessary to issue a Schengen visa. Properly completed application form and a full package of documents are the main condition for obtaining the coveted stamp in the passport.

The visa department of the BookYourStudy agency will help you with this. It' s easy and simple to open a visa with us .

BookYourStudy will help:

- issue visas of different types (long-term / short-term / student / tourist / business visas),

- fill in the visa application form,

- collect the necessary documents

- issue and submit documents to the consular departments of embassies,

- prepare for the interview at the embassy,

- submit documents for you (if you have a power of attorney and with the permission of the embassy),

- order courier services.

Choose your ideal place to learn French in Paris quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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