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English language courses in Florida

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English language courses in Florida

Kilometer, palm beaches with white and clean sand: this is all Florida!
Florida is a heavenly place to relax and learn! The "sunny state", as it is also called, is located on the Florida peninsula, and it is the most south
Eastern United States. This is the most popular winter destination, the land of oranges, beaches and world-famous theme parks such as
Disney World and Universal Studios.
Tens of thousands of students and adults from all over the world come to this state not only to learn the language, but also to relax. After all, the weather and climate allow it. The average annual temperature is about 22 ° C with insignificant differences, therefore it is always so warm and good here in summertime, which attracts most students. But not only this attracts students. Immersion into the language environment and English lessons with native speakers are the most effective ways to learn a language.

Why is learning English in Florida the right decision?

Taking courses in Florida means learning American English.
And in Florida there is a lot to see and do, even if you come to a short-term training program.
For example, a weekend trip to the Florida Keys. The archipelago stretches across the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of kilometers and includes 1,700 islands. The capital is the city of Key West, from which only 160 km to Cuba. This area of ​​the United States is so inspiring that the great writer Ernest Hemingway spent the rest of his life here.

Alligators "live" in the Everglades, with whom experienced coaches will "get acquainted" you. North of Miami, on Cape Canaveral, is the NASA Kennedy Space Center, which is very popular with visitors. In Orlando, you can shake hands with Mickey Mouse at Disney World.
So, everyone can find for themselves something interesting and new. Florida, along with all the cultural and natural resources, inspires thousands of students on educational trips in order to mix the business with a little pleasure.


You can take English courses in Florida at any time throughout the year. Students of all ages, different nationalities, as well as wealth come to the United States annually. And this figure is increasing every time.
There are various kinds of English language courses in Florida language schools. You can take a general English course, intensive or semi-intensive courses.

You can also take a course for various international exams (TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE, IELTS, etc.). Classes are conducted by experienced teachers who specialize in preparing students for language tests. During the course, students develop linguistic confidence, become familiar with the examination material and master it, and also work through a typology of language test assignments. Language tests are important for those who are going to study at high schools and higher educational institutions in English.

Besides, there are English courses for aviation (ICAO), for business (TOEIC). Today, TOEIC is becoming increasingly popular as a standard international business test. Many international companies require a TOEIC certificate when applying for a job. There are also courses to prepare for the Cambridge Exam (FCE, CAE, etc.).

In many universities and private organizations, as well as government bodies, this certificate is a prerequisite for admission to study / work. FFCE is suitable for those whose language level is above average. CAE — only those with a level higher than Advance can take it.
You can choose individual lessons with a teacher. This is a good opportunity to quickly and accurately learn English. The training program and your schedule is compiled according to your level of the English language, interests, etc. In the classroom you can ask a qualified teacher questions on any topic of concern to you. Duration and intensity of classes depends on your wishes.

There are also programs for learning English with a city tour. The program aims to learn the language through immersion in the atmosphere of the city.
The subjects of the classes are different: business English - visiting local enterprises, culture and art - visiting museums, communicating with native speakers.

For those who like to combine study with rest, the course "English for traveling" is suitable. The training program is compiled in accordance with the level of language skills and abilities.
Every student will find a program that meets their goals.

Upon completion of the course, students receive certificates or letters of recommendation that will confirm completion of an English course at a Florida language school.


Language schools in Florida have extensive experience in teaching English. All teachers are native speakers, and, in addition, are qualified employees in the field of teaching English. Together with the leadership of language schools, the teachers form a purposeful, motivated team that makes your learning particularly effective and enjoyable.

Some language schools offer entertainment programs, thanks to which your studies will not be boring.
Everyone can find “his” school. Language schools are in almost every city in the state.

Thus, the language school of Cultural Center for Language Studies (CCLS) Miami is located in the sunny city of Miami on the coast of Florida.
This school is accredited by leading organizations in the field of world education and is ready to provide its students with the highest quality of education.

LAL Modern English School is located in Fort Lauderdale, the world capital of sailing and cruising. LAL's English language school in Fort Lauderdale is an ideal place to learn, not only because of the amenities and entertainment it offers, but also because of the high standards of learning quality and the unique atmosphere.

The language school Inlingua Boca Raton is located in the coastal town of Boca Raton. Here are the campuses of two universities in the state of Florida - Florida's Atlantic University and Lynn University. And also in close proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

In Florida, you can also study at major schools such as OHC in Miami, European Center (EC) Miami, Kaplan International Miami.


Language schools offer such types of accommodation in Florida as a host family, residences, student houses, hotels and hostels.
Living in a host family is suitable for students who want to immerse themselves in local life and culture and practice English outside
lessons. After all, this is a huge advantage - communication with native speakers outside the classroom.
Residences are usually located within walking distance of the school, and sometimes directly on the territory of the language school. Many residences have a swimming pool and a covered patio. The residences offer cozy, bright rooms. There are single and double rooms.
Most hotels and hostels are also just a few minutes walk from language schools. Basically, they are located near supermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

For more independent students who want to have more personal space, language schools offer assistance in the short-term rental of one-bedroom apartments. Cost may vary by
depending on season, location and amenities.
As another accommodation option, language schools offer excellent student homes mainly in the tourist part of the city.
All homes are close to the school campus.
Every student home guarantees the following amenities: fully equipped kitchen and kitchenware, bathroom,
air conditioners, fully furnished and comfortable rooms, as well
regular cleaning of rooms by staff.


In order to enter the United States, you need to apply for an F-1 type visa. All students who will study at a college, university, school or language courses must enter America with the F-1 visa.
We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a visa application form for the United States
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