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English language courses in Los Angeles  

English courses in Los Angeles are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate program and book it now.

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English courses in Los Angeles  


La-La-Land is one of the names of Los Angeles, where the events of the famous film take place. The city of angels, the city of sins, the American dream - as soon as they do not call this place. The huge metropolis on the Pacific coast of North America has gained worldwide fame a long time ago, and even if you know nothing about this city, you probably have heard its name.

It has everything: educational and scientific centers, theaters, museums, concert halls, amusement parks, etc.

This place literally likes everyone, providing not only a huge choice for leisure activities, but also suitable weather. Due to the subtropical climate, the temperature here, even in winter, does not fall below 0 degrees. In addition, the breezes coming from the Pacific Ocean warm in winter and give a saving coolness in the summer season. There are no winter rains and summer heat in California in the spring and autumn, so these particular seasons are the best time to come here.

People here are active and cheerful, about half of the local population is young people under 34 years old. In addition, people from all over the world come here, and you can meet here representatives of more than 140 countries speaking at least 224 different languages, and for you, first of all there is a huge potential for practice and the opportunity to hear a huge number of different dialects and adverbs even in one day. English courses in Los Angeles - this is exactly what you need to combine training with vivid sensations and new experiences.

Is LA really that good?

Not only the guests, but even the people of Los Angeles themselves call this city the “Capital of Entertainment”. Here, in this variety of choice among bars, cafes, restaurants, each of which has its own peculiarity, you can find exactly what you are looking for. The most "bright" places in our days are, of course, noisy Hollywood and Silver Lake.

The first thing that comes to mind when you have to think about the question of where to go first is Hollywood. It is this place that gives the city of angels an atmosphere of cinema. Here you can visit Universal Studios, the Paley Center TV Museum or the radio, the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If you prefer theater to cinema, you will not be deprived either: Greek Theater, Los Angeles County Music Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Dolby Theater and many others, not counting smaller and less well-known theaters. the whole city is ready to show you a lot of new and interesting.

In the center of Los Angeles, from the intersection of Fairfax Street and Wilshire Boulevard to the west stretches a series of museums. This place is called Museum Square. Here you can discover many new and unusual things: the Museum of Neon New Art, the Getty Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of American Indian Art of the South-West and many others. The number of museums and galleries of the city exceeds 800.

If you are bored with the entertainment program of the city center, then you can always replenish your strength on the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica - bright sun, clean sand and waves suitable for surfing. And if you prefer to spend more time actively on the beach, then the nearby Venice Beach is perfect for joggers and cyclists.

As you can see, La-La-Land is indeed replete with the brightest colors, in a hurry to offer a choice even to the most sophisticated traveler. Studying English in such a diverse environment will not only give you an unforgettable experience, but also fill you with special impressions and emotions.


Los Angeles language schools can offer you a huge selection of courses to learn English. You can study in small groups for 2-3 people or, on the contrary, be part of a large team for 16-20 students. If you do not like large companies, then you can also choose a programme that includes individual lessons.

Intensive English course developed for 30 hours a week or an easy and general program with classes of 6 hours a week, allowing more time to spend on exploring the City of Angels? The choice is yours. Los Angeles language schools can offer you both. You also choose the length of your stay: from 1 week to a whole year. You can also choose a long-term study program for an academic term or year.

Training will take place at a school equipped with all amenities. You will always have the opportunity to have a snack in between classes and chat with other foreign students.

Classes are mainly held in the morning, so that you have more time and opportunity to observe the raging life of this city in the evening.

You do not have to wait for the start of the new school season! You can start learning on any Monday.

In addition, you will be able to choose a program of a suitable level of proficiency in a foreign language, regardless of how long you have been learning English.

Among the training programs you can choose the one that suits you: general English course, intensive courses, exam preparation, excursion classes, business vocabulary, as well as specific thematic classes (IT, medicine, education, administration, etc.).

All students receive a certificate of completion of an English course at a language school in Los Angeles after graduation. In addition, this certificate is a confirmation of your level of language proficiency.


Most of the Los Angeles language schools are large international companies that can offer their services not only in the United States, but also in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries (Mentor Language School, Kaplan, EC, Kings Los Angeles, Sprachcaffe Torrance LA).

The main feature of this place is a large number of people among whom you can meet a variety of nationalities. And this, in turn, means good hearing practice. You will get a unique opportunity to hear many different accents and dialects, and at the same time train your communication skills in a foreign language.


Student accommodation is always discussed in advance. Most schools can offer you a stay in a hotel, apartment, dorm, residence, or host family.

Homestay is a unique opportunity to see not so much everyday life as the life of local residents, learn more about their traditions, lifestyle and world views, share their experiences and tell about their country. However, this also imposes a share of responsibility on you, because you are a guest and you should show respect for the host family, observing the rules of behavior established by them.

If you are closer to a more independent lifestyle, or you are accustomed to a large and noisy student dormitory, then you should choose to live in a dormitory or student residence. Here you can chat with your classmates and meet students from other countries. You will be able to organize your own time and determine the right time to eat.

In any case, you are provided with a separate room with all the amenities. The bathroom is usually shared, and the kitchen is one per floor.


In order to enter the US, you will need a tourist or study visa. The type of visa depends on the type and number of training hours. The team of consultants BookYourStudy will help you in any situation and answer any question that may arise, in addition, our organization will be happy to assist you in collecting all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa.

Our staff will answer any of your questions and will be happy to assist you in choosing and booking courses, as well as prompt the easiest and most convenient way to satisfy all your desires. BookYourStudy consultants are always ready to respond and answer your questions.

Choose your ideal place to learn English in Los Angeles quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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