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English language courses in St. Julian's

English courses in St. Julian's are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate programme and book it now.

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English language courses in St. Julian's

St. Julians is a place that looks like an island paradise where dreams come true. A small island in the Mediterranean, where the sun always shines and there're many lights. Despite the small number of local residents, in the summer season there are ten times more tourists here, so the city literally begins to heat up. The mild climate, inspired by the Mediterranean, allows the weather to be hot in summer and rainy in winter. The temperature here rarely drops below 10 degrees even in the coldest seasons, and in summer this place turns into a huge beach. If you want not only to gain knowledge during classes, but also how to relax, then this is the most suitable place to spend the summer, to get strength back and to have a good rest.

Why exactly St. Julians?

St. Julian's or San Jillian, as locals call it, is not the largest city in Malta, but even it has something to surprise you.

Spinola Palace is considered the largest and most famous landmark here. It was reconstructed several times and changed, but this did not prevent it from preserving the original stateliness. One of the most beautiful places here is Sinola Bay. You will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure of strolling here in the evening: a small cozy embankment filled with greens all year round. You will also be interested to visit the Portomaso Tower - the tallest building in the whole Malta. This huge skyscraper towers over the city, and from the top floor offers a beautiful view of the entire city.

The city itself is teeming with all sorts of bars, restaurants, hotels, most of which are located in Pacheville - the disco area. Every night parties of various types are arranged here: huge discos and closed clubs “for one’s own”, youth disco bars and places for those who have not forgotten how it is to have fun all night. During the evening you can stay in several places, because the entrance there is absolutely free.

Classical music lovers appreciate the Fuego Salsa Bar, which offers free salsa lessons every evening. This place is popular both for those who want to learn to dance, and for lonely hearts looking for a mate.

And, of course, speaking of the resort town can not mention the beaches. The largest here is the city beach, located in St. George Bay, where there is almost never any wind. In the Pembroke area you can find a rocky beach. Many locals prefer to spend time here. As in any city that can accommodate tourists, in the summer there are various festivals and holidays. They are dedicated to various events, including religious holidays. Any event is accompanied by bright fireworks and loud celebrations. Choosing an English language course in St. Julians, you will not only get an unforgettable experience, but also be able to relax and have a rest while learning.


Language schools in St. Julians can offer a huge choice of programmes and courses to learn English. You can choose exactly what suits you. BookYourStudy team will be able to pick you up classes of any duration: from a week to a whole year. Which is more convenient for you: devote more time to classes or relax and enjoy the beautiful city? Choose the intensity that suits you, which can vary from 5 to 30 hours of classes per week. Most of the classes take place in the morning, at school, so that you can plan the rest of the day on your own. Among the wide variety of programmes there are group classes in large, small and medium groups of up to 20 people, where you can communicate and practice a lot of vocabulary and grammar you need to learn, as well as meet other people from different parts of the world, learn not only from teachers , but also with students like you. However, for those who do not like big companies and prefer to be alone with the teacher, there are individual training courses where you can work well on your mistakes and improve weakest points, paying attention only to those topics that are interesting for you.

In addition to regular and intensive English language courses, language schools can offer you specific programmes for studying certain topics or areas. For example, business English courses are designed by taking into account the need for communication in business and include not only specific vocabulary, but also rules for communication during conferences, negotiations, meetings, the formulation of business letters and documents in English, and much more.

If you have to take one of the language exams, such as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, PET, etc., language schools can offer a range of courses to prepare for them. Such courses include a detailed analysis of the tasks, as well as many practical exercises aimed at preparing you for solving the tests.

If your trip is more of a tourist nature and you absolutely do not want to sit in classrooms and teach, but you want to take a walk around the city and look at local sights, then you will need an excursion programme, including long walks around the city and visiting the most interesting places. Maybe you came for the beach, the sea and the scorching sun - and this is not a problem. With the course of the summer English course, you can enjoy a hot sunny summer and at the same time learn English.

The choice of courses and programmes is huge and it all depends on your wishes. You can choose courses for a family, for children, a light course. Among the offered programmes there are also English courses for people over 50, courses for teachers, courses for managers.


Among the language schools of St. Julians there are very different educational institutions, and  despite the small size of the city, there are quite a lot of them. BookYourStudy collaborates with proven schools such as EC, ACE English, International House, Magister Academy, Sprachcaffe St. Julians, ESE Malta, Gateway School of English and many others. Some of these schools focus on learning English only, by paying particular attention to the search of teachers, while others offer a wider choice of languages ​​to learn by providing studies in German, French, Italian and other languages. However, despite their great differences, all language schools take care of their clients and first of all provide them with maximum comfort, both in education and in living.


All language schools provide housing for their students during their studies. These can be apartments, a hotel, a student residence or homestay.

Many students find homestay the most interesting of the options. All schools cooperate with local residents who are ready to receive and accommodate foreign guests. You can not just walk around the city and see the sights, but also to communicate with the locals, as well as get acquainted with their traditions and way of life. In addition, it is always a very good practice for those who want to learn to speak English well.

However, you should remember that while being a guest you should respect the host family and not break the rules established in the house.

If you prefer a more independent way of life, then you will live in a student residence among the same students as you. You will be able to organize your own time and daily routine, as well as communicate more frequently and get to know groupmates and other students in the neighborhood.


In order to take courses in Malta, you will need a short-term study visa or a national student visa. Our BookYourStudy team is always ready to answer all your questions, as well as assist in collecting documents and issuing a visa. Our specialists will help you find the programme that suits you, as well as book your study abroad and answer any question you might have.

Choose your ideal English language courses in Malta quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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