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English language courses in Dublin

Learning English courses in Dublin, you will not only improve your knowledge, but also immerse yourself in the culture of the country and faster overcome the language barrier. Choose and book your training right now!

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English language courses in Dublin

Dublin is an ancient picturesque city located on the shore of the Gulf of the Irish Sea. Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland. The main port of the island country is also located here. The city was founded at the beginning of the 9th century and is considered one of the most ancient cities in Western Europe.

Dublin is the right place for people who love the fresh breeze and the April coolness. The winter is mild, the summer is cool, and there are no large temperature differences.

Dublin is pleased with the bright colors of small street markets and high houses every day, but in the days of the festivals in the city a real carnival of colors and impressions is created.

The capital of the emerald island harbors many interesting places: there are many parks, specialized museums, monuments of architecture and historical values. Dublin, in itself, is similar to one of the great historical values ​​of Ireland. Here you can not only practice your English with the locals, but also get an unforgettable experience.

Why is learning English in Dublin the right decision?

What the locals of Dublin pride in the first place is the literary heritage of their hometown. This place has become home to world-renowned talents like William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett. Other well-known writers and writers who grew up in Dublin should also be noted: Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker.

However, the most popular among the famous "Dubliners" found James Joyce. He enjoys special love in his hometown, moreover it is considered to be that he is one of the “fathers” of modernism. Irish love to the famous countryman is so strong that he is depicted on local money.

J.M. Sing, Sean O’Casey, Brendan Bien, Maeve Binchey and Roddy Doyle ... This list can be continued forever, but it is worth noting that it is through the contribution of the inhabitants of Dublin to the literature that Irish literature is located here.

Four of the country's most famous theaters — Gate, Abby, Olympia, and Gate Theater — are located in Dublin. Each of them is famous in his own way, but they are all equally suitable for spending leisure time studying the historical values ​​of the city.

One of the oldest museums of heraldry, founded in 1908, is also located in Dublin. Here you can also find the National Museum of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

The total area of ​​all forest park zones of Dublin is 1500 hectares. The most famous parks are Phoenix Park, Herbert Park and St. Stephens Green. From the time of Victorian England, wild fallow deer are found in Phoenix Park, hunting is prohibited, here is also the residence of the President of Ireland and the US ambassador, the Dublin Zoo.

In the capital of the Emerald country you can see many ancient monuments. Among them are the Dublin Castle, Guinness Beer Museum, Manson House, Anna Libya monument, Molly Malone monument, Christ Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Francis Xavier Church on Gardiner Street, Irish Customs building and others.

In Dublin, there're many ancient buildings, beautiful views and just interesting places. Locals will tell you a lot about their city, and if you want to see it, they will show you. This city is ideal for learning English, because you can not only practice your level of proficiency, but also learn something new in the field of history, as well as hear a very special dialect. English courses in Dublin - this is exactly what you need to combine learning with vivid sensations and new experiences.


A wide range of training programmes in Dublin will allow you to choose exactly what suits you. You can choose a study group for 2-4 people, or for 10-15 or attend individual classes.

Do you want to study more or explore the city? The intensity of the course is also variable. The choice is yours. Intensive advanced courses will give you a deeper knowledge, and easy courses on vacation will allow you to spend a lot of free time to visit local attractions.

How long do you need to be trained? All programmes are completely flexible and can meet your language learning needs. Duration varies from 1 week to a year. Academic programmes lasting a year or semester are also available to you.

Training will be held at a school equipped with all amenities. You will always have the opportunity to have a snack in between classes and chat with other foreign students.

Are you an owl or a lark? Now it does not matter, because they can take place both in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the evening. And you can start learning on any Monday.

You can learn English in Dublin regardless of your level of knowledge: from beginner to advanced. Among the available programmes you can choose not only a general or intensive English course, but also business English, an exam course for taking CAE, FCE or text IELTS, as well as additional classes on specific topics (IT, medicine, education, literature, etc.). On our site you can get acquainted with reviews of English language courses in Dublin.

Upon completion of the course, all students receive a certificate confirming the passing  any English language course at the Dublin language school and the achievement of a certain level at the end of the course.


Among the language schools in Dublin, there are a lot of international organizations that provide their services in other English-speaking countries (Kaplan, EC, ATC, Oscars), but also rather smaller schools operating only in Ireland or The Linguaviva Center.

The main thing that needs to be remembered is the enormous possibilities for practice. You just need to go to the nearest cafe or pub to get acquainted with the local population, which, by the way, in Dublin is very friendly. This will allow you not only to practice your knowledge of the English language, but also to learn new interesting facts about the city.


Dublin language schools provide accommodation for their students. You can stay in an apartment, a hotel, a student residence or stay with a host family.

The most popular option is a student residence. As a rule, they include blocks with a shared bathroom for 2 rooms, each of which is inhabited by 1-2 people. The shared kitchen is located on the floor, and the rooms are equipped with all the amenities to provide you with all the training opportunities.

Living in a host family will give you a unique opportunity to look at the life of local residents from the inside and even participate in its organization. You will be allocated a separate room where you can spend your free time, study and relax. However, we should not forget that you are a guest for this family, which means that you should behave respectfully towards people who have agreed to share their holme with you.


In order to enter Ireland, you will need a short-term study visa or a national student visa. Our consultants are always ready to help you with the documents and answer all your questions.

Our team BookYourStudy will be pleased to help you find the most convenient courses for you, choose a flexible programme and book a visit. Our consultants are always ready to help and explain all unclear points.

Choose your ideal place to learn English in Ireland quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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