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English language courses in Cambridge

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English language courses in Cambridge

Cambridge is located in the eastern part of England and 70 km from England. This is a city in Cambridgeshire, where the largest number of people with higher education lives - and this is not surprising, because here is one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world. To date, Cambridge University consists of 31 colleges and is competing for the title of the best and richest university with Oxford. Many people dream of becoming a student of this institution and feeling its atmosphere; perhaps this is one of the explanations why the level of migration in Cambridge is very high.

This small town has a rich history - it was mentioned in the annals and other written sources as far back as the 8th century. Since then, Cambridge was a concentration of knowledge - long before the university there appeared a large number of churches, monasteries, where they taught reading, logic, law, rhetoric and theology.

Cambridge is one of the most popular and attractive destinations for tourists and those who want to get an education, an internship or courses. Not only it's very prestigious (after all, Cambridge diplomas and certificates are valued by employers all over the world), education here will help you become a first-class specialist and develop many skills. Learning the language in English courses at Cambridge will help you learn it perfectly, make new acquaintances and immerse yourself in English culture. A constant practice and stay among native speakers will help the correct formulation of speech and faster learning of knowledge.

Why is learning English in Cambridge the right decision?

What could be better than studying a language and traveling at the same time? Immerse yourself in the language environment, you can quickly, easily, and most importantly learn English effectively and expand your vocabulary.

Cambridge combines both medieval appearance and modernity. Therefore, everyone can find what to see and where to go. Fans to contemplate can safely go to the Botanical Garden - the best place for a relaxing holiday from the noisy metropolitan areas is not found. Long since this place was intended for students, where they can study and relax. Today, the Botanical Garden is so rich in beautiful plants, trees, alleys and oases that it is almost impossible to pass it in one day. Here is the famous apple tree, which helped Isaac Newton discover the Law of World wideness, and even a garden of aromas.

Architecture lovers can admire gothic churches, houses and visit numerous university colleges. And for researchers are always open museums, laboratories and a huge library.

There is also a lot of entertainment here - from cycling, walking through the streets and the embankment, panting (river walks on special boards), picnics, excursions to visiting fitness halls, antique shops, markets, shops and shopping centers. The city has a large number of cinemas, concert halls, as well as cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs, where you can appreciate the local English cuisine, relax and make new acquaintances. And in the summer Cambridge hosts various music and theater festivals. Therefore, this stunning city with a rich cultural and student life attracts tourists and young people from all over the world.


Cambridge has many language schools that offer a range of courses to learn English. The big plus is that many schools are verified by the Inspection of Independent Schools (ISI), which are subordinate to the Ministry of Education. This ensures that schools offer quality education, proper accommodation and a program for students.

There are many programs, from summer camps for children to intensive courses for adults up to a year.

Everyone can choose a course that matches their goals and desires. For example, to learn English, to learn to perceive speech by ear, to learn grammar and reading can be on the course of general English.

The business English course is taught to create a resume, conduct presentations, interviews, understand different situations, and improve the level of specialized vocabulary. A course English for work (English for work) in addition to training provides an opportunity to undergo training in the company.

There are also programs for teachers of English, for example, for the exchange of experience or obtaining certificates (CELTA, DELTA).

Many universities require passing international exams. Separate courses are also available to prepare for them. Preparation for TOEFL, Cambridge ESOL and IELTS takes from 2 weeks to a year. The intensity of classes, the correctly chosen methodology and testing help prepare for the successful passing of the exam.

In the UK there are special Cambridge exams FCE and CAE. The FCE (First Cambridge Certificate) is an exam in English, which is conducted by the ESOL division of the University of Cambridge Examination Board. And CAE is intermediate between FCE and CPE. These certificates are recognized worldwide and do not have a limited period of validity. Language schools offer preparation for these exams of varying intensity with subsequent delivery.

Among other things, there are other special courses and individual lessons with a tutor. In this case, the teacher will develop a plan in accordance with your specific goals and knowledge and will track progress or help with advice.

As a rule, all courses are held in small groups of 10-15 people, and the intensity of classes per week varies from 15 to 30 hours.


In Oxford there are as small (found only in the Cambridge), and large, well-known in many countries schools that open branches not only in the UK (for example, Kaplan International, Eurocentres, EC, OISE). Such a variety of schools allows you to choose "your" school, focusing on your goals and needs, region, opportunities and time. Almost all of them offer a preliminary test for the definition of knowledge, a certificate of completion of the course and unlimited access to educational materials and online platforms.

One of the largest and most internationally-attended schools - Regent English Language Training is located in the most lively area of ​​Cambridge. The main focus is on preparing for IELTS exams and entering universities. Special courses for teachers are also available here.

Bucksmore educational centers offer English language education for children from 7 to 18 years old. The school employs only professionals in their field, children study according to modern programs developed, and in non-school time they are engaged in dancing, sports, playing and making excursions.

One of the most famous and large schools of Language Studies international is located in a quiet and picturesque area of ​​Cambridge. This is an excellent choice for young professionals, teachers, managers and those who want to take courses in business English. Here you will find not only specialized courses, but also the study of English in general, and exam preparation courses.

Tuition varies from 200-400 pounds depending on the course chosen, the duration and the school itself.

Whichever school in Cambridge you choose, unlike the noisy megalopolises here, you can plunge into true English atmosphere and culture, feel all the fickleness and character of the English weather and enjoy the journey.


Accommodation during training courses is provided in host families, boarding houses, student residences, apartments or hotels.

The cost of living is usually included in the price of the course itself.

Homestay is chosen by those who want to experience life in this city, see how its inhabitants live and practice their English around the clock. You for some time become part of the family, communicate on various topics (and domestic issues as well), make new acquaintances and spend your free time together. However, living in a host family also implies compliance with the rules, as you are still a guest.

Adult students who love independence prefer to live in residences and apartments. Usually the food in this case is either half board or not at all. But in all the residences there is a kitchen (or for several rooms, or on the floor), so this issue is easily solved. The cost of accommodation, as in the previous case, is either included in the price or paid for additionally and depends on the distance from the center, living conditions and included services.


In order to enter the United Kingdom, you must apply for a short-term student visa or a long-term Tier-4 visa. We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a form for obtaining a visa to the UK.

We provide comprehensive support to our students, ranging from the selection of the training program and the execution of the necessary documents to the accommodation and transfer. Our consultants are always ready to help and explain all unclear points.

Choose your ideal place to learn English in the UK quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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