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English language courses in Toronto

English courses in Toronto are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate program and book it right now.

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English language courses in Toronto

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English language courses in Toronto

Although the capital of Canada is Ottawa, Toronto is the largest in population and most multi-ethnic city in the country. It brings together 2.8 million people with diverse cultures: half of the population has immigrated from other countries. It forms the so-called "golden horseshoe" - the most densely populated part of Canada, where one third of its entire population lives.
Toronto is considered the economic and financial center of the country, one of the most developed megacities in the world. The Global Liveability Ranking, which assesses the quality of life, placed Toronto in 4th place among other 140 cities.
Canada is an English-speaking country, which means it’s a good choice to learn a language while traveling. In Toronto, residents speak English with a Canadian accent. Canadian English is a mixture of British and American pronunciation, so the speech of the locals for you will be as familiar and understandable as possible.

A two-hour drive from the city is Niagara Falls - the main attraction of all of Canada. Hockey lovers will enjoy visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame. Toronto is a city with many theaters, museums, galleries, cultural sites. Although it is considered a megalopolis, it is one of the “greenest” cities in the world: there are 1,400 parks and 8 hectares of green space in Toronto.

Courses and schools

We work with different schools from Toronto that offer proven training programs for people with different levels of English and different goals. In Toronto, you can study English at such centers as Eurocentres, OHC Toronto, Language Studies International (LSI) Toronto, Embassy English Toronto, The Language Gallery, Kaplan International.

In Toronto, you can prepare for IELTS with the Stafford House school to take the exam and enroll in universities in English-speaking countries. Your English level for this course must be at least B2.
English can be learned faster if you study individually with a teacher. ELS Language Center's individual school course is suitable for people with any level of language. It is fully compiled for you, according to your wishes and possibilities.
The English course with creative preparation will allow you to engage not only in improving general English, but also to choose one of the creative directions and develop in it. This may be music, comedy, journalism, cinema.


During their studies, students can live in a host family, in a student
residences, in apartments, in a hostel or in hotels. The advantages of homestay are that the student is maximally immersed in the life of another country, practices the language more and learns about the culture and mentality of Canadians.
The residence is well suited for independent students. Most often, food is not provided there, so everyone cooks himself.
Hostel is the most budget option. You can choose single, double or multi-bed rooms. In the multi-room you will live with 4-8 other students, you can make even more friends from different countries.


In order to travel to courses in Toronto, you need Canadian long-term or short-term student visas. It is quite difficult to get it: there is no visa center in Canada in Belarus, so all documents are submitted through Moscow.
The visa is issued after the confirmation of the school that you signed up for the course, after the registration of health insurance and a full package of documents requested by the embassy.

We will help you collect the necessary documents for a Canadian visa, issue them and send them to the embassy. We will advise you free of charge on issues of interest, help you get a visa as soon as possible.

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