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English language courses in Vancouver

English courses in Vancouver are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate program and book it now.

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English language courses in Vancouver

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English language courses in Vancouver

Vancouver is a modern city that harmoniously combines the characteristics of a vibrant metropolis with picturesque natural landscapes - an excellent choice for students who want to learn English in Canada.

Vancouver is considered the most comfortable place to live in Canada. This is facilitated by a mild climate, a rich culture, a well-developed education and healthcare system, and a low crime rate. In addition, Vancouver traditionally occupies a leading position in the annual ranking of the most comfortable cities in the world according to The Economist.

Due to its amazing nature and diverse architecture, the city has long earned the status of “Northern Hollywood”. This is where the major film and television studios. By the number of films released, Vancouver is second only to the well-known film studio in Los Angeles. Another distinctive feature of the city is multiculturalism. It is home to many different nationalities, celebrations are widely celebrated from all over the world: from the Chinese New Year to the Irish St. Patrick's Day. That is why foreign students will be able to easily adapt to life in the city.

The excellent location of Vancouver and the favorable climate provide ideal conditions for outdoor activities: ski resorts, sandy beaches, quiet parks with cycling and jogging paths, as well as tennis courts, skating rinks and stadiums. Vancouver is one of the few cities in the world where you can go skiing, sail on a yacht and play golf in one day.

English courses in Vancouver are popular with students from all over the world. Studying and living in this city will allow you to experience communication with native speakers, get to know Canadian culture and fully immerse yourself in the language environment.

Why is learning English in Vancouver worth it?

1. A wide range of schools and training programs for both children and adults.

2. The ability to combine the study of a foreign language with active recreation.

3. Vancouver has a developed transport system, which allows students to easily get to any point of the city.

4. In Vancouver, everyone can choose something interesting for themselves: here you will find a huge number of galleries and museums, you can visit Canada’s oldest aquarium, cross the Capilano suspension bridge, go shopping in huge shopping centers, or just relax and enjoy the silence in Stanley Park.


Both adults and children with any level of proficiency can take at English courses in Vancouver. Language schools, as a rule, offer training in groups of 2 to 16 people or individual lessons with a teacher. Students can choose any course duration, which usually varies from one week to a year, as well as course intensity appropriate to their goals and desires (from 5 to 45 hours per week). Training can begin on any Monday throughout the year. At the beginning of each course, students are tested for proficiency in English.

If your goal is to quickly and effectively improve your language skills, you can choose a general English course, which includes the development of speaking and writing skills, reading and listening comprehension. Students from 16 years can take the course. In addition, some schools have groups for adults from 30 years old (Global Village, Language Studies International).

For students who plan to enter a college or university abroad, an English language program has been developed for academic purposes. During the course, considerable attention is paid to the development of skills necessary for successful study (critical thinking, public speaking, presentations, research, note-taking), as well as vocabulary expansion, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

Some language schools offer educational programs for teens, as well as English language courses for children and their parents. After this program, students will be able to combine the study of English with cultural and recreational activities.

For students wishing to work in the international business field, a perfect course is business English. The course will improve business communication skills, learn the necessary vocabulary and learn about the cultural environment of international business.

At Vancouver language schools, you can also prepare for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE, CPE), the certificates of which serve as official confirmation of your English proficiency level and are a requirement for entering many educational institutions.

In addition, you can take an English course in marketing and public relations, a medical English course, a hotel business management course, a course with the possibility of learning and practicing musical skills, an English course for web designers, and a theatrical art course.

Some language schools offer a combination of study with leisure and sports. For example, at the Global Village school, you can take an English course with a farm holiday or a ranch, an English course with playing hockey and participating in hockey games, an English course involving climbing Mount Baker, as well as courses including whale watching and salmon fishing tours.

The average cost of English language courses in Vancouver is $ 300-400. The price of the course depends on the duration and intensity of training.


In Vancouver, every student can choose for himself a school that meets his goals and preferences. Studying in Vancouver is the perfect way to reach a new language level, get to know the culture of Canada and make new friends. You will be able to practice English every day, and experienced and highly qualified teachers will help you achieve your language goals. Among the language schools can be distinguished such large network schools as Language Studies International, Global Village, ELS Language Center, ST Giles, ILSC and Kaplan International.


Accommodation in Vancouver is possible in a residence, a hotel or a Canadian family. The residence is an excellent option for students educating at a language school for a long time and wanting to completely plunge into the rhythm of the  city life and the language environment. Hotel accommodation is the most expensive accommodation option, but at the same time the most comfortable. Living in a Canadian family means several advantages at once. You practice English every day, and also have a personal space for work and leisure, being in a relaxed home environment. It is also a great way to experience Canadian culture.


In order to study in Vancouver, you must apply for a tourist or student visa.

We are ready to assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents for getting a visa to Canada. Book your training on BookYourStudy and get bonuses for your next trip!

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