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Chinese language courses in Beijing

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Popular Chinese language courses in Beijing

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Chinese language courses in Beijing

The Far East is a place where scientific and technical progress and respect for traditions have come together in a striking way. China is one of the most ancient civilizations, which had a great influence on the development of many other nations and peoples. The culture and traditions of this place are different from European ones.

The capital of the People’s Republic of China is Beijing. For locals, this city has great historical and cultural value. There is a huge amount of cultural monuments and historical sights, made in various architectural styles.

However, this is not all features of Beijing. This city combines the largest rail and air hubs, is the political, educational and cultural center of the country,
as well as here  business activities are actively developing.

Weather conditions are close enough to our usual - a humid continental climate with moderate monsoons. The hot summer is filled with precipitation, at this time of the year it rains here often. Winter, on the contrary, is dry and windy, despite the temperature below 0, snow often does not fall.

Why is learning Chinese in Beijing the right decision?

What could be better than learning foreign languages ​​in a linguistic and cultural environment? This is a great opportunity to improve your language skills, practice its usage, and get rid of constraints. In Beijing, various dialects are common, the most popular among which is the Beijing dialect. In addition, Mandarin and Goya are also common.

Opera is considered to be the most widespread cultural leisure in China, and Beijing Opera has a special place in this niche. Songs, dialogues and various action scenes form an interesting and entertaining show, which is interesting to watch.
Beijing can offer many new experiences to you. Including, and taste. Eastern cuisine in itself is full of memorable features, and Beijing cuisine is a special kind of it. The most famous dishes are Beijing duck and Manhan yuanxi, the recipes of which have been preserved since ancient times. 

These dishes had a special status and were served only in the presence of the Emperor. Another feature of Beijing cuisine is its snacks.
The most famous is Fulin Zyabin, which is a pancake stuffed with mulberry mushroom.
Among other things, in Beijing, a huge number of monuments, museums and attractions that will be interesting to visit and see live.
In the capital of China, you can find examples of traditional architecture (Gate of Heavenly Peace, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven), built in the mid-20th century, remotely similar to buildings of Soviet times, as well as buildings made in a modern style. This interesting combination of architectural styles of different types and historical epoch attracts many tourists and makes Beijing a unique place.
The Forbidden City is a huge palace complex, which is considered the largest in the world. Despite the many changes that this place has gone through, it remains an excellent example of traditional Chinese architecture. The main gate of the city, even by themselves, is a landmark and is called the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

Another historical landmark is the Summer Palace, which is essentially a park, which includes 3 palaces, 5 peacocks, 3 temples, several galleries and large bridges. Located nearby, Beihai Park is also replete with picturesque landscapes and ancient palaces. It is divided into zones: Yunan and Chanfu, Dragon Pavilion, Nine-Dragon Wall, Jingxin Hall and Round Wall.

A prominent example of modern architecture is the National Stadium, built specifically for the Olympic Games. It has a rather interesting form of “bowl” with large openings, which allows the usage of natural light sources.
Many people show particular interest in the Peace Park, which is a museum of world sights, or rather their reduced copies. Here there are miniature versions of various architectural structures from around the world: the Capitol, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Tower Bridge, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Trojan Horse, the Sydney Opera House, the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa and many others.

Beijing is a very large and densely populated city, which makes it a major tourist destination. People come here not only for rest, but also to do business or study, which will make your trip even more interesting.
Chinese courses in Beijing - this is exactly what you need to combine learning with vivid sensations, new experiences and interesting pastime.


BookYourStudy offers you a wide range of courses for any level of language proficiency, as well as any duration: from 1 week to a whole year. You can find exactly the programme that is right for you. Individual training courses will give you the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a teacher and work exclusively on your own. Group courses will help develop communication and teamwork, in addition, Beijing’s language schools offer classes both in large groups of 15 people and more, and in small groups of 2 to 6 people.

You can practice spoken Chinese or take an intensive course by attending classes at school or with a teacher at home.
In addition, there are specific courses with special offers that may be interesting for you. For example, language immersion courses, which use a special training programme for a deeper acquaintance with the culture of China.

Safari courses will help you quickly and effectively improve your spoken language. They include exclusively activities in the city for everyday communication.
Hieroglyphics courses will help you learn the correct writing of Chinese characters, and language immersion courses offer in-depth study of the language features. In addition, you can prepare for the HSK test to receive a certificate of proficiency in Chinese.

In addition, we can offer you a long-term training at language schools in China: semester Chinese courses are ideal for preparing for admission to Chinese universities or for in-depth practice of Chinese. As you can see, a wide range of courses and programmes will help you find exactly those Chinese courses that are right for you.


Learning a foreign language abroad always involves a certain percentage of risks. Collaboration with large well-known schools will help you to minimize risks, which guarantee you not only effective training, but also wonderful impressions of the trip.

We can offer you training in three language schools.
Sprachcaffe is a network of international language schools around the world!
They have been offering their services for over 30 years and have 30 language schools around the world that are engaged in learning not only Chinese, but also
other languages ​​such as German, Italian, Arabic and others.

Mandarin House is a Chinese language school. More than 50 00 students from different countries study here, which guarantees an absolutely unique language environment from many different nations during their studies. This school has vast experience in teaching Chinese and cares about its students.
Live the Language (LTL) is a Beijing language school. This school emphasizes practice and immersion in the language environment, concentrating on studying the culture and characteristics of the language. Here students from different countries are educated, and the school itself guarantees you an effective learning of the Chinese language and good living conditions.


Accommodation is an extremely important issue that you just need to pay attention to before leaving for another country to study.
All schools can offer their alternatives or you can find housing yourself. The most popular options are apartments or homestay.

Living in a host family will give you a special unforgettable experience and help you immerse yourself in the everyday life of a different nationality, learn more about the traditions, culture and attitude of another people. But it is worth remembering that throughout the training, you will be a guest for these people and they hope for your respect for their way of life and traditions. All rules for living in a host family are discussed separately, since every family has its own.

If you feel uncomfortable in the company of another family, you can choose to stay in apartments, which will allow you to manage your own time, leisure and duties.


In order to travel to Beijing, you will need a list of specific documents, including a study visa or student visa. Our consultant will be pleased to help you collect the necessary package of documents, arrange and fill them in the right way, as well as  answer any questions you may have about the duration, intensity of courses, payment and booking courses and accommodation.
BookYourStudy specialists are always ready to respond your questions.
Choose your ideal place to learn Chinese in Beijing quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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