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Chinese language courses in China

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Popular Chinese language courses in China

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Chinese language courses in China

Chinese is the most common language in the world, and the number of people, who learn it, continues to grow. However, Chinese is also one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. Studying it at home, or taking Chinese courses in your country, you will not achieve the results you would like.
China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and surrounded not only by centuries-old traditions, but also is a modern and fast-developing, diverse and hospitable country, it will be home to those who are interested in multi-ethnic communication and want to be part of a global community. Think about the opportunity to get to such a place, and you will see and experience a completely different side of the world.

China is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada.
Since 2014, China’s economy is the first and most developed in the world, and also has the world's largest gold holdings.
The unique natural conditions of China are due to the three climatic zones, thus the climate and the terrain in China are extremely diverse. You will meet here with hot summer and harsh winter, tropical winds and sea coasts, highlands and plains. The climate here is also high humidity.

Learning Chinese in China is an invaluable experience. You will not only get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and improve your abilities, but also to open up to new knowledge, such as you will never acquire in your homeland. Chinese culture and history are so rich that you can only feel them by coming here. You will not regret this decision!

Why is learning Chinese in China the right decision?

Chinese is the native language of 800 million people on earth, and along with English, is the second most common language on the planet (1.3 billion people speak it).
Chinese is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. The knowledge of Chinese will help not only to find a highly paid job in any of the international companies, but also to raise your skills in learning foreign languages ​​to a new level. Learning Chinese in China is an invaluable experience. The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a country where it is spoken. Chinese courses in China are taught exclusively by native speakers, which helps not only to learn the language, but also to get a closer look at the culture of the country.


There are four main options for learning Chinese in China:
- at universities;
- at private schools;
- through internships (exchange programmes);
- with private teachers.

Private schools are the most flexible and economical way of learning Chinese in China.
You can start school at any time, even on the day of arrival.

In addition, if two people decided to start their course on the same day, they would not only organize lessons for a couple of days, but also find teachers, even if there are no free at the moment. You can take lessons in private with a teacher or in small groups of 8 to 10 people.

Another advantage of private academies is that you can only pay when you attend a lesson. Thus, if one day you are tired, you do not need to pay.

What private schools are recommended?

LTL Mandarin is a Chinese school for foreigners with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde. It was created to provide students with complete immersion in the Chinese language and culture. Thanks to a wide range of curricula, the school offers every student the opportunity to learn Chinese in small classes, with individual teachers, in business Chinese, in boarding schools at universities, in preparatory courses for HSK and many other courses. LTL is also one of the centers accredited for the HSK, and offers monthly the opportunity to take exams from level 1 to level 6.

Sprachcaffe is a network of international language schools around the world! They have been offering their services for over 30 years and have 30 language schools around the world that teach not only Chinese, but also other languages, such as German, Italian, Arabic, etc.

Mandarin House is a language school of Chinese. More than 50 00 students from different countries study here, which guarantees an absolutely unique language environment from many different nations during their studies. This school has a lot of experience in learning Chinese and cares about its students.


As a rule, while studying in a Chinese school, foreign students are offered accommodation in apartments or in a family. Living in a family will give you a special unforgettable impressions and experience and will help you to immerse yourself in the everyday life of another nationality, to learn more about the traditions and culture of China.

If you feel uncomfortable in the company of another family, you can choose to live in an apartment, which will allow you to manage your own time, leisure and duties.


A Chinese student visa (C Visa) is issued to those who have been accepted by a Chinese college (university, school). Student visa is divided into X1 and X2 visa. Visa X1 is issued to students who go to China to study for more than 6 months. Visa X2 is issued to those who go to China with the same purpose, but for a period of less than 6 months. X1 visa is usually issued for multiple entries with a validity of up to 5 years.

Consultants of BookYourStudy are always ready to answer your questions. Choose your ideal place to learn Chinese in Beijing quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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